ND Labs to Build Blockchain-Based Apps on Ethereum

ND Labs to Build Blockchain-Based Apps on Ethereum

ND Labs, an international blockchain development company, has announced the launch of Ethereum development services.

Since blockchain-based scaling solutions are in demand, the blockchain consulting and development company with development offices in Poland and the US started to offer Ethereum development services in March 2023.

According to Dmitry Khanevich, co-founder and CEO of ND Labs, “Enterprises all over the world have been searching for ways to establish more trustworthy business relationships. Fortunately, we already have a key to this issue. Ethereum is a truly decentralized platform that provides users with transparency to all processes. Hence, we are ready to help businesses bring more stability to their valuable relations by providing our dedicated Ethereum developers.”

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source decentralized blockchain-powered platform with smart contract functionality. The platform builds a peer-to-peer network and also serves as the basis for Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency.

What is a smart contract?

Smart contracts are virtual agreements between two people or enterprises in the form of program code that is designed to self-execute when the predefined conditions are met. Smart contracts are hosted on blockchain networks.

What is Ether?

Ether, or ETH for short, is an Ethereum-native cryptocurrency. Ether is one of the most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies now. Users can pay for several goods and services with ETH in those countries where digital currencies are legal.

What is Ethereum used for?

Ethereum allows smart contracts and apps developed on its blockchain to run steadily; without third-party involvement, downtime, and fraud. In other words, anyone may utilize Ethereum to build decentralized applications and organizations, hold assets, make transactions, and communicate without any central authority.

For more information about ND Labs’ new offer, please visit the company’s website https://www.ndlabs.dev.

About ND Labs:

ND Labs is an international provider of blockchain consulting and development services. The company offers blockchain-based solutions to businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industries such as logistics, healthcare, real estate, etc. Their team consists of skilled professionals who focus on strategic results and help clients generate long-term outcomes.

For more information: ndlabs.dev.

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ND Labs has launched Ethereum development services to meet the demand for blockchain-based scaling solutions. Smart contracts and apps developed on Ethereum's blockchain can run without third-party involvement, making it ideal for various industries. ND Labs offers blockchain-based solutions to businesses, focusing on generating long-term outcomes.
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