Next Best Cryptocurrency To Explode 2023

Cryptocurrency has become an integral digital currency with an ownership rate of 3.9%. This means that around 300 million people use cryptocurrency worldwide (as of 2022 statistics).

Not just that, it has been introduced in several industries, including shops, restaurants, travelling, and gambling. Gamblers do not miss out on a casino that offers authentic NFL week 10 odds and cryptocurrencies for payment. 

While people are familiar with cryptocurrency nowadays, there are many of them that are likely to explode in 2023. Do you want to know which ones? Read through:


Decentraland is the chart leader in Metaverse coins. It was made accessible to the common public in the year 2020, and since then, it has gained a lot of recognition. It allows users to purchase virtual land plots as NFTs through MANA cryptocurrency (via Ethereum). 

Not just land, this token is also used for buying other assets, including avatars, wearables, and in-game items. It’s also listed in the top 50 Altcoin charts, with the percentage increasing every day. 


Solana is another high-performing blockchain-oriented platform that was created to host scalable and decentralized crypto applications. It runs on the Solana blockchain and has risen up to 12,000% (as of 2021). Solana is also one of the best cryptocurrencies with practical use cases.

The reason behind its popularity is the faster transactions, which are even better than the renowned blockchain Ethereum. It has already helped investors get higher ROI. With a 5-year investment, experts forecast Solana to offer a revenue of +999.32%. 


Earlier known as the MATIC Network, Polygon is ideal for governance, gas fees, and staking. It is an Ethereum token that powers the Polygon network, where it offers efficient and reasonable transactions through Layer 2 sidechains. These side chains run sidewise with the main chain of Ethereum.

Recently, the polygon network has witnessed several influxes of projects. The reason behind its popularity is that utilitarian architecture is a faster processing potential. Price-wise, it’s forecasted that polygons have immense capability to reach greater heights by 2023. 


Next on the list is Ripple XRP, which is one of the leading crypto solution providers for businesses. Cryptocurrency has shown remarkable growth in recent times and is continuing to do so. 

The best thing about Ripple XRP is its quick transaction processing and low cost, thanks to the consensus protocol. In fact, its efficient feature makes it an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency to try. If things go like this, it’s forecasted that XRP can provide an ROI of 124% by 2023.  


Popular for its smart contract functionality, Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain that’s ruling the crypto world. The Ethereum ecosystem is growing day by day through its dapps in finance, collectables, arts, gaming, technology, and more. While it has increased to 510% as of 2021, the ROI is only going to explode by the year 2023. 


Lastly, we cannot miss bitcoin! Introduced in 2008 by an anonymous developer (or Satoshi Nakamoto), Bitcoin is a digital currency that prevents the requirement for third-party involvement in financial transactions. The best thing about Bitcoin is its network effects, capped supply, and Immutability. Besides, its decentralization is another aspect that makes it unique.

After analyzing and looking at past trends, experts forecast bitcoin value to rise in the upcoming years. It’s predicted that by the year 2023, it may offer a potential ROI of 182%.


These are some of the cryptocurrencies that are likely to explode in the cryptocurrency world by 2023. While their uses and features are impressive, only time will tell about their real-time benefits.

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