Orange Protocol Unveils Next Phase of Proof of Humanity Partner Campaigns

Revolutionizing Web3 Reputation Management with Strategic Partnerships

Singapore, June 12th, 2024 – Coinscribble by Coinbound / Orange Protocol, the groundbreaking platform that is redefining reputation management for Web3 users, is excited to announce the launch of the next phase of its Proof of Humanity-based partner campaigns. This phase is set to further empower individuals and organizations by leveraging advanced reputation metrics and solidifying partnerships with leading entities in the decentralized ecosystem.

Orange Protocol enables Web3 users to consolidate their identities and reputations across various chains, DAOs, platforms, and projects, transforming reputation into a tangible asset through minted NFTs. This innovative approach allows individuals to own and showcase their achievements universally, creating a comprehensive and portable reputation profile.

For organizations, Orange Protocol offers powerful tools to evaluate, curate, and engage communities based on comprehensive reputation metrics. These capabilities include targeted user onboarding, reputation-based decision-making, differentiated incentives, and retroactive rewards, all designed to enhance user segmentation and engagement.

“We are excited to advance our mission of making reputation a core asset in Web3. This next phase of our Proof of Humanity partner campaigns will harness the collective strength of our strategic partnerships, setting new standards for reputation management in the decentralized world,” said David Costello, Head of Growth of Orange Protocol.

Orange Protocol’s impressive roster of partners includes Linea, Rehide, MetaCartel, GuildXYZ, TalentDAO, and Aave Grants DAO. These collaborations are pivotal in Orange Protocol’s journey to becoming the central hub for reputation in Web3. By integrating with these leading entities, Orange Protocol ensures a robust and expansive network, providing users and organizations with unparalleled opportunities to build, manage, and leverage their reputations.

Key Features of the Next Phase:

  • Enhanced Reputation Metrics: Advanced tools for more precise reputation evaluation and user segmentation.
  • Targeted User Onboarding: Streamlined processes for onboarding users based on verified reputations.
  • Reputation-Based Decision Making: Facilitating more informed and equitable decision-making processes.
  • Differentiated Incentives and Rewards: Implementing unique incentives and retroactive rewards based on user reputation.
  • Strengthened Partnerships: Deepening collaborations with key Web3 entities to broaden the impact and reach of reputation management solutions.

With these advancements, Orange Protocol is set to lead the transformation of reputation into a pivotal element of Web3 interactions, driving greater trust, transparency, and engagement across the decentralized landscape.

For more information about Orange Protocol and to stay updated on the latest developments, visit or join the conversation on Twitter and Discord.

About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol is a pioneering platform dedicated to revolutionizing reputation management for Web3 users. By consolidating identities and reputations across multiple chains and platforms into minted NFTs, Orange Protocol empowers individuals to own and showcase their achievements universally. For organizations, it offers powerful tools to engage and evaluate communities based on comprehensive reputation metrics, driving more accurate user segmentation and engagement. Discover more at


David Costello


Orange Protocol announces the next phase of its Proof of Humanity-based campaigns, enhancing Web3 reputation management with advanced metrics and strategic partnerships. Empower users with minted NFT reputations.

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