PEGA Pool’s Big Debut is Just Around the Corner

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What is PEGA Pool?

Ranked by as the 13th biggest crypto mining pool on the planet, PEGA Pool is the world’s first eco-friendly mining pool to step onto the scene – and the wait for their highly anticipated launch is almost over. PEGA Pool aims to reduce Bitcoin (BTC) Mining’s devastating carbon footprint worldwide while creating an eco-friendlier and more sustainable industry for all.

How Is PEGA Pool Making a Difference?

The #1 reason why PEGA Pool is garnering so much attention because they’re planting trees to offset CO2. It’s no secret that the crypto mining sector is one of the biggest contributors to global warming worldwide, with BTC miners being the most notorious culprits.

Why Trees?

The biggest problem with BTC Mining is that the activity demands a huge amount of computational power. Creating this much electricity burns a significant amount of fossil fuels, which releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By damaging the ozone layer, these gases expedite the terrible effects of global warming and worldwide climate change.

That’s where trees come in, which absorb and store CO2 while releasing new oxygen and plant matter. While over 300M trees would indeed be needed to see a significant impact, PEGA Pool has already planted over 7,000 trees to date as we write this. The good news is that this number is rising every day, meaning that intimidating 300 million might not be so out of reach after all.

What’s In It for Bitcoin Miners?

In recent months, Bitcoin’s price hit record lows. While this is good news for people wanting to buy Bitcoin, it’s not so great for the people working so hard to create these coins. BTC miners are responsible for bringing new Bitcoins into circulation and verifying transactions on the Blockchain, which requires them to solve incredibly complicated maths equations.

Bitcoin miners are indispensable assets in the global BTC ecosystem. Still, plummeting BTC prices and rising hash rates make it virtually impossible for them to make the living they are accustomed to. Several large BTC mining companies worldwide have been forced to close their doors, and some have even filed for bankruptcy.

Things are undoubtedly bleak for the global Bitcoin mining community, but – thanks to PEGA Pool’s eco-friendly mining pool – things are finally looking up. Depending on miners’ current green energy usage, they can qualify for huge discounts on pool fees.

Clients already mining BTC using renewable energy will be rewarded with an incredible 50% reduction in pool fees, seriously lightening the load in today’s volatile BTC market. And as for miners yet to hop onto the green energy mining bandwagon, a portion of their membership fees will be used to plant those trees we were talking about earlier.

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