The Evolution of Online Gambling

Anyone who has followed the online gambling industry over the past couple of decades will have seen it change dramatically. Moving from computer to mobile, betting in play, how we pay for our bets and the currencies we use have all come a long way over that period.

The good news though is that everything that has changed has been a positive move. Gambling is now easier, more convenient and more exciting than it has ever been before, and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down just yet.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting has changed the face of things as we know it. Traditionally, those wanting to wager would have to find a bookmaker in their area or be at the sporting event itself if they wanted to place a bet.

Then came online betting, so people could sit at home and place a bet on their computer with one of the many online bookmakers that were available. This felt like perfection, but it was soon apparent that people were being tied to only betting when at home, so the freedom we all wanted was still not there.

Along came mobile betting to fix that. With mobile betting, either via an app or on your mobile browser, you can use a device such as a phone or a tablet to place bets. Many people carry these with them all the time, providing you have your device and an internet connection, you can bet from anywhere you like.

This means betting while out with friends, while you are at work and even while on holiday if you want to. In terms of betting access and the ability to place bets, we have never had a service like the one we have now, it is perfect in every way.

The Creation of In-Play Betting

When betting was opened up, and we could bet from home, a new way to bet was created. This is in-play betting, when you place a bet while the action is taking place, rather than before the game kicks off.

In-play betting adds a completely new dimension to sports betting and offers a range of new betting markets to try out which are specifically focused on the in-play side of things. Betting on things such as who will score next, when will the next score happen and much more come as part of this service.

We are at the stage where some punters will specifically bet in-play only, rather than placing any bets before the event, though for many, in-play betting is used alongside betting pre-match.

However you use it, this has been another huge step forward for the betting industry, adding a completely new element to betting and giving fans the chance to get involved and be excited while play is on.

How We Pay & Currencies

More recently, as bookmakers have been looking for further ways to enhance their services, we have seen changes to the way in which we pay and the currencies that we use.

In terms of currencies, the betting industry has been a big believer in the cryptocurrency industry, allowing users to place bets using many different types of crypto. If you wish, you can find a Bitcoin bookmaker to place bets with using Bitcoin and this is not the only crypto you can use, there are many others available too. With the number of people using Bitcoin on the rise, and those people looking for ways to spend it, the betting industry is only likely to push this even further in the future.

We have also seen a change in how we pay. Bookmakers in the past accepted card payments and little else. With the world of payments changing, and things such as pre-paid cards and e-wallets becoming big for those who are security conscious on the internet, bookmakers have included them in their service.

The number of payment options has also been increased too, giving players the choice to deposit and withdraw funds in many different ways.

Security online and keeping details safe has always been important, the betting industry continues to look after players by giving them as many safe options and as much choice as possible.


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