The Upsurge of Women Investors in The Indian Cryptocurrency Market

A good chunk of women feels that securing finances is of great importance. Yet, in reality, the participation of women in these things remains less, and the Cryptocurrency domain is certainly not an exception. If you check things around in the digital currency space, only 15 per cent of the ladies comprise the currency market of Cryptocurrency, and the same claim the reports of CoinSwitch Kuber. Now, the big question is, why on earth do the women remain aloof from digital currency. One can find too many speculations as to why digital currency remains mostly for the male. The fact is digital currency is often seen in two different ways – the finance part and the technology aspect. Ironically, women in both fields are not counted upon as competent professionals. Also, they even underrepresent themselves apart from being overlooked. Some experts feel that males mostly dominate these two departments.

The next theory for women is that they are risk-averse people when we talk about the investment part. As digital currency is called for volatility, women are seen sticking only to the traditional options of investments. However, this may not appear to be true, as a study discloses that more and more women investors are present when compared to male investors. They are around 76 per cent, while the male ones are 52 per cent who further lack the familiarity of digital currencies. As per the same reports, women are not seen investing as they do not remain exposed to the asset level class.

On the contrary, we find women to be keener in financial products, which may not make any sense. While the matter of fact is no one is stopping the women from investing in digital currency, and at the same, they are not even encouraged for the same. Explore more about it on sites like the official ethereum code

The reason why women fail to invest is that they are not very exposed to the asset class. On the contrary, one can find women keener on working in the financial domain that can make sense to them. This is the reason why it has become a boys club, but slowly and steadily, things are changing, and one can see things changing a lot in 2020 that was considered to be a big-time in digital currency space in India and all across the world. Ever since the country’s top courts like the Supreme Court were seen adding the clarification, there seemed to be a good flow of women investors towards digital currencies. More and more women are seen coming up in this field. As per the CoinSwitch Kuber group reports, there has been a thousand times increase in the number of women registrations in the recent year. 

As per Grayscale reports, one can find good investment decisions that are coming along with education that is seen offered in the asset class. Interestingly around 93 per cent of women are seen having the same, and one can see them investing in digital currency if they are seen getting better education on this issue. While we speak contrary to the common beliefs, digital currencies are not just like men, they can take Uma as well, and one can see many investment experiences taking place with the digital currencies. At the same time, there are hoards of other digital currency-based investors, who are seen coming up with the same with the education loans. However, one can find that only a small number of people are seen in the community putting together with the tough combat seen in the Indian market.

As one can see, a steady rise of women investors is a good thing, claims the experts as they feel that the market around bitcoin and other digital currencies are on a constant rise. Thus women taking an interest in this can make all the difference. The experts feel that the digital currency industry in the country is passing through a very interesting phase and the onus of this domain comes over the consumers. It is, therefore, the right time for both women and men to take a plunge in the investment of digital currencies. As per FI or Fidelity Investment studies, now women are around 9.3 per cent of the entity in the society when it comes to investment, and they feel that the figure would go up.

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