Top 3 Platforms to Sell NFT in 2022

You can sell your digital artwork on a variety of platforms; new ones pop up all the time, but some of them are well-known and simple to use, thus OpenSea, Mintable, or Rarible, are the best options.

Because it deals with accessible, uncommon, and exclusive content, the current NFT market is one of the most significant revolutions in the field of digital art.

So far, there are no constraints on the use of tokens and their conversion into NFT, which means you can easily construct them in accordance with your preferences and creativity.


The OpenSea platform is the world’s largest NFT market, with more opportunities for profit from sales.

Demand is stronger during cycles, showing that there are a large number of users prepared to pay for one-of-a-kind digital collections and tokens that can’t be reproduced. This tendency is noticeable among OpenSea platform users.

When it comes to OpenSea, creating NFT is simple. There is only one requirement, and that is to have an Ethereum wallet. All you have to do is click the “Create” button, upload the work to be converted to NFT, provide a description, and you’ll have your own NFT.

OpenSea not only provides pieces of art and collectibles in the form of the ERC-721 token but also the ERC-1155 token.

Another key point to note is that the OpenSea platform supports a wide range of NFTs. In fact, people who don’t have artistic skills but want to try their luck with NFT can sell, for example, a Tweet or even just one word in the form of NFT. Or you can learn how to purchase non-fungible tokens and later resell it on the market. 

All you have to do is click on the “Create” field to be taken to the screen where you can connect your Ethereum wallet. You connect automatically after entering the wallet password.

This method requires your digital signature in the message in your Ethereum wallet to confirm ownership of the wallet address, and it just takes a few seconds and incurs no expenses because it simply serves to prove that you own the wallet.

Then, in the upper right corner, click Create again, then select “My collections”, then click “Create” again to begin establishing your own NFT collection in the window where you can upload your artwork, add a name, and a description. This procedure appears to be the same as making a folder with your newly formed NFTs.

When you add an image to your collection, it appears in a box where you can add a banner to the page by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner and then adding the banner image to the NFT collection.

When your initial NFT is complete, click “Add New Item” to sign another message with your wallet.

OpenSea also has many collectibles from the best NFT games such as items, avatars and other things to increase a player’s experience.


Mintable is the most well-known and commonly used platform for generating NFTs, which enable creators to sell digital goods on the market. This online platform can also assist you in easily selling your work in NFT format. Users can instantly print ERC-721 tokens using Mintable.

This NFT platform also gives extensive instructions, and the method is identical to the one described above in that it walks you through the application of NFT step by step.

Mintable is distinct from other NFT markets in that it gives users greater control over the platform and allows them to earn MINT tokens for each transaction. As a result, Mintable encourages members of the community to participate in the administration model.

Mintable also simplifies the management of NFTs directly in users’ wallets. Begin by transferring assets to control tokens in the wallet.

Users can create, print, browse, and market their NFTs on Mintable before selling them by opening up their own store or auctioning them off to the highest bidder.


Rarible is a market that makes it easy for digital artists to produce and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Rarible’s primary target audience is DeFi and the crypto community.

One of Rarible’s features is that it has a source token called $RARI that may be used to do NFT transactions.

Rarible is the NFT market, which is currently dominated by works of art. All of this implies that the painting’s creator can no longer be identified. With NFT, any image can now be owned by someone and linked to the original artist, as well as have unique rights and permissions attached to it.

Not only does Rarible offer NFTs in the form of pieces of art or music, but it also offers Ethereum Name Service or ENS domains. The Ethereum delivery address is stored in this ENS domain. ENS domains, like websites that use .com or, use .eth as the address to send and receive ETH.

In a few simple steps, you can generate and sell NFTs on Rarible. Simply go to Rarible and click “Create” in the upper right corner, then create one or more collector’s items, pick “Choose File” to upload a PNG, GIF, MP3, or other file types no more than 30 megabytes. Then enter the price in the “on-sale” column, as well as the name and description of your NFT.

Then pick “Connect wallet and create”, then “MetaMask”, and finally pay the “gas” cost to proceed.


The most important thing you need to take care of when selling NFT is to make sure you choose a reliable platform, the most secure one. That is why you should choose one of which we recommend. Also, you should care about the digital wallet you use. There are many types of wallets and we always point to offline wallets as the best, since they are not connected to the Internet. 

The other thing you need to pay attention to is creating good art. You understood that NFT can be attached to anything, any form of digital asset, an image, gaming features, audio, tweets, or digital land. People are mostly interested in purchasing collections, because they simply love to have collectibles items, like CryptoPunks. The first CryptoPunk NFT was sold for 74 dollars, four years later it was sold for 2 million dollars. 


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