Useful Tips to Hiring and Working with Freelancers

Over the years, the freelancing industry has grown significantly. Each year, more and more professionals shift from their 9 to 5 jobs to freelancing. In fact, research shows that by 2027 freelancers will make up a majority of the US workforce. Also, many companies today are opting to hire freelancers rather than going through the hassle and expense of bringing in new full-time employees.

But how do you find the right freelancer for your project? Will they deliver quality work on time? Can you trust them with your business and customer data?

All these are valid concerns, and we will address them today. Below, we have provided you with several tips to help you hire and work with reliable freelancers.

Define Your Budget

Like any business project, you need a clearly defined budget for what you want the freelancer to do. Most freelancers run a business, meaning they pay taxes, insurance and have overhead costs. So, there’s a high chance the freelancer you will hire will demand higher hourly pay than your in-house employee.

For a proper estimate of the project, keep in mind all the requirements you expect the hire to meet. From there, come up with a well-thought-out price. If you can’t figure out a fair price, consider asking people in your network what a similar project might cost. Alternatively, you can head online and check the price of related jobs.

Remember, the price of the job varies from one remote worker to another, depending on the levels of experience and location.

Search for Talent Online

Now that you’ve figured out the fair price for the project, it’s time to find a reliable talent online. Visit popular freelancer sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour to post your project description.

There are also services like LaborX, which provide freelancers with the opportunity to receive cryptojobs, which are paid in cryptocurrency. Since the vacancies of a crypto developer are very in demand in modern times, this is a great way to find a suitable crypto freelance specialist online.

These websites allow freelance professionals to sign up, create a profile and apply for the posted jobs. Once you’ve posted a job, you’ll start receiving proposals and resumes from several eager remote workers. 

Use Your Personal and Professional Networks

You can also find reliable freelancers via your personal and professional network. Ask your family members, friends, or work associates for some excellent suggestions. You never know; maybe they know a remote worker who can deliver more value. This way, you can save yourself the hassle of finding qualified talent.

Vet The Freelancers

After finding the most suitable freelancer for the job, it’s time to vet them. The first step is to review their track record. Also, check their experience to see if it matches your company’s value.

When interviewing your prospective hire, whether a crypto worker or content developer, make an effort to video calling them. Because that’s the only time you can meet the individual. Through a video call, you can get a better overview of a person’s abilities.

If you have to choose between two remote workers, consider assigning them a small but similar paid project. From there, evaluate them depending on their work quality, time of completion, and communication style.

While you might not vet the remote worker than you would do with a full-time employee, the process is important. That’s because the professional contribution will have a significant impact on your company.

Hire The Freelancer and Define the Project Requirements

After finding your ideal remote worker, it’s time to offer them the project and clarify the details.

Discuss the project details and ensure the other party understands what is required of them. Clarify the project’s starting time, what guidelines they should adhere to, and set the date when you expect the task to get delivered. Also, don’t forget to negotiate the payment terms.

Unlike a full-time, in-house employee, you can’t control how the remote worker works on the project. You can only set deliverables and expect them to deliver. The freelancers have full control of the project.

A rule of thumb is to focus on what you expect, not how the freelancer handles the task. Keep in mind these freelance professionals run a business. So, you can only expect them to deliver the project within the stipulated timeframe and price but cannot control how they do their work.

Treat a Freelancer Like a Partner, Not An Employee

When working with remote professionals, it’s crucial to remember they’re your partners. As a result, treat them like such. Take their opinions and suggestions into consideration and ask them to ask questions to get a clear view of what you need. Furthermore, encourage them and provide them with more ideas.

Another thing, these professionals are not solely dedicated to you. Unless the worker agrees on an exclusive commitment before the start of the project, chances are he will not be accessible all the time. That’s because they will be handling tasks from other clients.

So long as your hire sticks to all the job deliverables and deadlines you agreed upon, don’t expect them to be at your disposal all the time.

Pay Freelancers Well and On Time

If the hired professionals do everything right and deliver the project, compensate them well and within the agreed time. By doing this, you will build a strong and effective partnership with your remote workers for future jobs. Additionally, be ready to pay extra if the project evolves. Discuss this possibility beforehand to avoid any tension after the work is completed.


Hiring and working with freelancers is no simple task. Some might disappoint you, and you might need to find a new individual to work with. But you can avoid this by following our guidelines. Keep in mind, a reliable remote professional can help you grow your business and achieve success hassle-free.

Before we go, always take time to leave positive feedback or write a testimonial when a professional delivers quality work. Thank you for stopping by!


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