Users Can Now Join the Waitlist for the New Self-Custodial Wallet – UpHODL

UpHODL, by Uphold Labs, is a multichain wallet that gives users

control over their Web3 assets

Coinscribble – March 30, 2023 / Uphold Labs, IRELAND – Users can now join the waitlist for the new self-custodial wallet, UpHODL, at The new multi-chain wallet gives users the ability to fully take charge of their Web3 assets. The wallet is being launched by Uphold Labs, the research and development arm of Uphold, the Web3 financial platform. The wallet is expected to launch in Q2 2023.

The new wallet is designed to:

  • Support multiple chains: Store and manage BTC, ETH & ERC-20 tokens in a single wallet
  • Enable ownership of assets: Full self-custody of digital assets including tokens and NFTs
  • Zero commission trading at multiple DeFi venues via WalletConnect
  • Facilitate seamless purchase of tokens directly from the wallet through various onramps
  • Support easy management with iCloud and Google Drive back-up

“UpHODL is designed to let users take control – not chances – with their digital assets,” said Stephen McNamara, Head of Uphold Labs. “The wallet will let both the Uphold community and the general Web3 community access, purchase and securely store BTC, ETH and any ERC-20 token – including NFTs.”

Users can sign up for the waitlist at When users share the site with friends they can jump the line for faster access..

“While for mainstream users the convenience of a CeFi venue is ideal – and we believe Uphold provides the most secure and transparent model here as we don’t loan out or invest customer assets – we fully recognized that some in the Web3 space prefer to hold and manage their assets directly, which is why Uphold Labs is launching UpHODL,” said Simon McLoughlin, CEO of Uphold.

About UpHODL

UpHODL is a multichain, self-custodial wallet. The wallet let’s users take control of their Web3 assets through easy Defi access, iCloud backup and seamless purchase of digital assets directly from the wallet. UpHODL is a multi-chain wallet and supports BTC, ETH & ERC-20 tokens, including NFTs. The waitlist for the wallet can be found at

About Uphold

Ranked #1 in the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100 List, Uphold is committed to making Web3 easy. As a Web3 financial platform, Uphold serves over 10 million customers in more than 184 countries. It provides businesses and consumers with easy access to financial technology and services. Uphold’s patented “Anything to Anything” platform gives end users seamless access to and between digital assets and national currencies and precious metals. Uniquely, Uphold smart routes orders across 27 trading venues delivering optimal execution and superior liquidity to customers. Uphold never loans out customer assets and is always 100% reserved. The company has pioneered radical transparency and uniquely publishes its assets and liabilities in real-time on a public website ( Uphold is regulated in the U.S. by FinCen and state regulators and in the U.K. by the FCA; and is registered in Canada with FINTRAC and in Europe with the Financial Crime Investigation Service under The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. To learn more about Uphold’s products and services visit

  • Certain currencies and assets are not available in all jurisdictions
Uphold Labs has announced the launch of UpHODL, a multi-chain wallet that provides users with complete control over their Web3 assets, including digital tokens and NFTs. The wallet enables self-custody of assets, supports easy DeFi access, and offers zero-commission trading. Users can sign up for the waitlist on the website, with the wallet expected to launch in Q2 2023. UpHODL is being launched by Uphold Labs, the research and development arm of Uphold, the Web3 financial platform. Uphold is committed to providing businesses and consumers with easy access to financial technology and services.

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