Women in Cryptocurrency: Is It Still a Man’s World

It’s no secret that IT has had a large gender disparity ever since its inception. It would be dishonest at best to deny that progress has been made on this front, but there is certainly still a long way to go before any real semblance of equality has been reached in the sector. As crypto is deeply intertwined with IT it’s not very surprising that it also has had similar issues. Today we’ll be seeing if anything has changed or if women still have a noticeable disadvantage in crypto trading. Fixing gender inequality issues in different employment sectors is a very difficult undertaking but it’s something that needs to be done so we are glad it’s being talked about more and more. Let’s dive into it then.

Is there a gender gap in traditional investing?

Before we can see if an issue is present it’s useful to establish somewhat of a baseline. The closest thing we have to crypto trading is traditional forms of investing such as trading stocks or real estate work. It’s expected that both will have inequality present to some degree, but as long as crypto isn’t much worse than traditional investment options then we’ll be able to consider it somewhat of a win.

The stock market is certainly a place that women can use to stick out and prove that they are powerful, but it can sometimes be hard to get to the point where that ability can be used to a reasonable degree. About 20% of board seats in G20 listed companies are held by women which while low certainly shows that women in positions of economic power have gotten quite far. Overall while there is equality in trading for women it’s not as bad as it is in other sectors and much progress has been made.

What about crypto trading then?

Now that we’ve taken a look at regular investment platforms and seen the state they’re in it’s time to do the same for crypto. You might be shocked to hear this but certain research has shown that the gender disparity in crypto trading is up to twice as big as it is in things such as the stock market. Sadly women are noticeably lagging behind here and we predict that, at least in the short term, it’s something that will not be easy to correct.

According to experts at Crypto News gaps as big as this generally require some sort of systematic change to completely rectify. We’re not sure what these changes could be as the world of crypto is volatile as is, and thinking of changes and their impacts is even more difficult. That being said, we’re hopeful that something will be done given the increased coverage of this issue in the past year or so. More and more people have noticed that the current situation is not okay and hopefully it will lead to actual solutions in due time.

Should women steer clear of crypto then?

We really hope that this isn’t the message people gather from this text. We’re simply trying to highlight the issues and don’t wish to scare any potential female investors. We instead hope that you will get into the world of crypto trades and not only be equal to your male peers but exceed them. We hope that until a solution is presented that you will rise above the inequality and persevere in spite of it.

There are a lot of female investors that have done this and we are glad that they exist as they’re excellent role models and they are living, breathing proof that it can be done. We’re proud to share a community with them and hope that eventually, everyone will be on equal ground despite their gender and any other identifying traits. At the end of the day, the only thing that’s important to investors is the drive to work and the passion for the cryptocurrencies that we’ve all grown accustomed to and learned to love.


Saying that there is any sort of equality in the crypto world is nigh impossible at this point, but it shouldn’t drive you away from testing yourself and seeing if it’s something that you would enjoy and potentially be good at. If you do decide to give it a shot we wish you the best of luck, you can do it.

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