You Cannot Be Rich Without Bitcoin | How Wealth Is Now Dependent on Bitcoin

Millionaires who have managed to amass plenty of fiat money to last them a lifetime may scoff at this article. The physical essence of basking in the glory of fiat money comes with houses and businesses built on debt and attached materialism. Indeed, they can enjoy it while it lasts because the fiat cash won’t last them as long.

Picture their wealth in terms of an ice cube melting. Imagine that the water continues to feel cold until the cube has fully melted. When the ice cube is fully melted, the water turns warm rapidly to the same temperature as the surroundings.

A lot of wealthy Americans believe that keeping the bank account stuffed is a great thing. They think they are safe because they have invested their wealth into different assets such as real estate and equities. However, such markets and investments are based on the fiat currency system that cryptocurrency like bitcoin is designed to fix.

The highs of the stock market don’t often translate to wealth in terms of the average person. We all saw how the stock market was reaching all-time highs during the pandemic, but the rate of unemployment, poverty, and hunger for ordinary people was still too high. The Federal Reserve has to ensure that the interest rates are low enough and the credit market is liquid enough to keep the stock market running. Without these additional funds from the third party, the market as you see it will evaporate completely.

A crash in the stock market will be enough to eliminate most of the upper-class of America. A life of opulence can turn into a financial struggle as soon as the stocks fall.

Bitcoin is the New Rich

Being wealthy and rich has to come with the ability and freedom that is enabled by your wealth. While people with fiat currency will think they fit into this category, they will not feel the same way if the market shifts even a little bit (we have all seen how a financial crash can completely change the game).

The cycle of the stock market (and the coming crash) is always looming nearby, which means that you don’t really have the ability and freedom to do what you wish with fiat currency. The credit cycle in America has normalized dealing with recessions despite how cruel and drastic results the booms and busts can have. How do people still feel that real estate is a good investment option after the 2008 market crash?

Investing in real estate means that you will eventually be subjected to the dire end result that fiat currency brings. Being wealthy in a way that enables your ability and freedom to do as you please can only come when your wealth is attached to a non-controlled and immutable computer program. The decentralized system of Bitcoin offers security and convenience like never before. This financial system doesn’t need, and is incapable of, any liquidity injections by third parties.

Since fiat currency is based on regulations and approval of governments, there is a lot of risk attached to your investments. Bitcoin is not operated by any party and is instead up for public documentation. Such a transparent system allows people to have more access to how the currency operates. You can invest in bitcoins using online trading platforms like Immediate Edge

Bitcoin offers the chance for stability that fiat currency just doesn’t. When you are anticipating a crisis or financial ruin because the stock market could go the wrong way, it doesn’t bring in the freedom that wealth should.

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