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Blockchain: Waves
Ticker: AVCA$H
Type: Token
Asset or Contract address: DW1jDHMspKYxiRzwSgtNEXPNtyGyKfpNE2crJ8zdBt7x

Market Cap:


Total: 2 100 000 000
Max: 2 100 000 000


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* The circulating and total supply can be subject to changes. Always check the official website.

AVCA$H Price Chart

AVCA$H Price


What is AVCA$H?

“The initial proposal of AVCA$H is to make it possible to purchase various products through the Token, using the concept to deflate the product or service offered by E-commerce.

 In this case, the E-commerce mentioned here is initially the Grupo Empresarial Allan Vox.

 It is a token utility to deflate within the ecosystem of

 E-commerce of Allan Vox Business Group.

 Give purchasing power (exchange) to the user, without deflating the product or service offered by Grupo Empresarial Allan Vox.

 2 Billion and 100 Million AVCA$H Tokens will be released, two decimals being

 (AVCA$H 2,100,000,000.00), which cannot be generated and others issued in the future. After an initial phase of one year, if necessary, about 50% of those remaining will be burned, making scarcity a predominant factor, making it an attractive, unique and exclusive permanent digital asset.”

Coin information:
AVCA$H with the ticker AVCA$H is a token from Worldwide (Decentralized) and is created on the Waves blockchain.
The current total supply is 2 100 000 000 and the maximum supply is 2 100 000 000 AVCA$H.
Unfortunately we do not have a price feed for this token. Therefore we cannot calculate the fully diluted market cap of AVCA$H.

Visit avcash.com.br for more information about AVCA$H and which wallet to use to store AVCA$H tokens.
You can use this block explorer to track the balance of an address and all the transactions.

Last updated: 14431 minutes ago.

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