Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT)

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Blockchain: Ethereum
Ticker: PMGT
Type: Token
Asset or Contract address: 0xaffcdd96531bcd66faed95fc61e443d08f79efef

Market Cap:

$1 745 537


Circ.*: 549
Total: 1 000 000
Max: 1 000 000


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* The circulating and total supply can be subject to changes. Always check the official website.

Perth Mint Gold Token Price Chart

Perth Mint Gold Token Price


What is Perth Mint Gold Token?

What Is PMGT?

“Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT), launched in October 2018, is an ERC20 token developed and issued by InfiniGold. Each unit represents 1 fine troy ounce of physical gold securely stored in The Perth Mint’s central bank grade vaults. 

PMGT is a tokenised version of GoldPass certificates issued by The Perth Mint. GoldPass is The Perth Mint‘s full-service gold investment platform that digitises physical gold in the form of digital certificates. 

PMGT is tradeable on Independent Reserve, transferable peer to peer, and enables a smart contract proving your title of gold held at the Perth Mint. “

Who Are the Founders of PMGT?

“PMGT is an InfiniGold product, issued by InfiniGold, while GoldPass is a Perth Mint product. The Perth Mint is the custodian of the underlying physical gold behind all GoldPass digital certificates, including those held by InfiniGold which back PMGT.”

What Makes PMGT Unique?

“PMGT is 100% backed by gold held and stored in The Perth Mint’s central bank grade vaults, where the weight and purity of every ounce is guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. This makes PMGT the first gold-backed token on a public blockchain whereby the physical gold is government guaranteed.

As PMGT is a tokenised version of GoldPass certificates backed by physical gold held in The Perth Mint’s inventory, the issuance of PMGT can seamlessly scale up to billions of dollars’ worth of tokens.

Free of recurring storage or management fees, PMGT offers institutional investors a competitive alternative to traditional gold products, with the additional benefits of real-time 24/7 trading, a cryptographically secure instant settlement enabled by blockchain technology, and fewer intermediaries.”

Coin information:
Perth Mint Gold Token with the ticker PMGT is a decentralised token from created on the Ethereum blockchain.
The current circulating supply is 549 and the total marketcap of Perth Mint Gold Token is currently $1 745 537.

Visit pmgt.io for more information about Perth Mint Gold Token and which wallet to use for storing PMGT tokens.
You can use this block explorer to track the balance of an address and all the transactions.

Price information:
The current price of Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) is $1846.5300 with a trading volume of $67 432 in the last 24 hours.
For $100 you can currently buy around 0.0542 PMGT tokens.

All prices are in USD. Last updated: 512 minutes ago.

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