Polyhedra Network (ZK)

Polyhedra Network (ZK)

Coin Information

Unkown Country Icon Unknown Country
Blockchain icon Blockchain: Ethereum
Ticker icon Ticker: ZK
Type icon Type: Token
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:

Fully Diluted Valuation

Coin Supply

Total icon Total: 900 000 000
Max icon Max: 900 000 000

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About Polyhedra Network

Polyhedra Network (ZK) is a cutting-edge coin that aims to empower interoperability and computation through zero-knowledge proofs. With its zkBridge Protocol, zkBridge utilizes zkSNARKs to enable efficient and secure state transitions between sender and receiver chains. The block header relay network retrieves and verifies block headers from the sender chain, while the updater contract maintains a light-client state and updates the current main chain. Polyhedra Network implements infrastructures for Web3 interoperability, ensuring strong security without extra trust assumptions.

Virgo, a powerful zero-knowledge argument scheme for layered arithmetic circuits, is one of the notable products proposed by Polyhedra Network. Utilizing Libra and without a trusted setup, Virgo offers a fast prover, competitive proof size, and short verification time. Additionally, Polyhedra Network introduces Virgo++, which extends the interactive proof of GKR protocol to arbitrary circuits while maintaining optimal prover complexity. Orion, the latest proof system, focuses on reducing proof generation time and is well-suited for off-chain applications and zkEVMs.

Driven by the goal of scalability and modularity, Polyhedra Network provides scalable and efficient zero-knowledge proof protocols for large-scale ZKP systems. The network’s infrastructures can be utilized as building blocks for other systems, enabling developers to easily implement their own solutions using Polyhedra’s ZK technology. With a strong ecosystem consisting of over 80 partners, Polyhedra Network is making significant strides in the field of Web3 interoperability and distributed computing networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of Polyhedra Network ZK available.
The circulating supply of Polyhedra Network is 0.
The total supply of Polyhedra Network is 900000000.
The max supply of Polyhedra Network is 900000000.
Unfortunately the country of Polyhedra Network is unknown.
Polyhedra Network is a token running on the Ethereum blockchain.
The contract address of Polyhedra Network is 0xc71b5f631354be6853efe9c3ab6b9590f8302e81.

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