Puss Cat (PUCA)

Puss Cat (PUCA)

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Unkown Country Icon Unknown Country
Ticker icon Ticker: PUCA
Type icon Type: Unknown

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Coin Supply

Total icon Total: 100 000 000 000
Max icon Max: 100 000 000 000

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About Puss Cat

Puss Cat (PUCA) is a unique token that derives its value from internet culture, memes, trends, and jokes. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are typically backed by technology or utility, PUCA’s value is driven by community interest and sentiment. Created as a playful experiment to engage with the Solana community, particularly those who identify as cat-lovers, PUCA is known for its high volatility and is primarily used for speculative trading rather than being considered a serious investment.

With a total token supply of 100,000,000,000, PUCA boasts simplicity that even the most casual users can grasp easily. Featuring zero taxes and locked liquidity, PUCA is a meme coin that offers no real value or profit expectation. By holding PUCA tokens, individuals can redeem them by sending them to a Solana wallet of a friend, thereby upgrading their level of friendship to “best” friend status. Moreover, as a creator-driven coin, tipping content creators with PUCA is a way to show respect and foster friendship among community members.

Those interested in acquiring PUCA can do so on the Solana Chain. During the presale, PUCA can be purchased on Pinksale, and once it goes live on Raydium, it will be available for further trading. To buy PUCA, one needs to create a Phantom Wallet, acquire SOL (the token of the Solana blockchain), and finalize the token swap. By following these steps, users become part of the PUCA community and can witness the growth and development of this unique and playful experiment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of Puss Cat PUCA available.
The circulating supply of Puss Cat is 0.
The total supply of Puss Cat is 100000000000.
The max supply of Puss Cat is 100000000000.
Unfortunately the country of Puss Cat is unknown.
Puss Cat is a cryptocurrency running on its own blockchain.

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