Wallet Information

Type icon Wallet type: Software
Company icon Company: Elrond Network SRL
User icon User owns private keys: Yes
Payment card icon Payment card: Yes
Fiat gateway icon Fiat gateway: Yes
Affiliate program icon Affiliate program: No
Coin converter icon Coin converter: Yes


Windows icon Windows: No
MacOS icon MacOS: No
Linux icon Linux: No
Android icon Android: Yes
iOS icon iOS: Yes
Webwallet icon Webwallet: No
Chrome extension icon Chrome extension: No


Online icon Online


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What is Maiar?

“Powered by Elrond

The first blockchain to accommodate internet scale performance.

Massively Scalable

Adaptive State Sharding brings a 1000x improvement in throughput compared to previous blockchain iterations by enabling parallel transaction processing.

Secure & Efficient

We propose a new consensus approach called Secure Proof of Stake which is fast, and ensures long term security and distributed fairness, while eliminating the need for energy intensive PoW algorithms.


We have integrated a WASM VM engine, created a useful abstraction layer, support multiple smart contract languages, enabling testing and deployment in minutes.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Maiar is based in: Romania.
Maiar is a software wallet.
The company name of Maiar is Elrond Network SRL.
Maiar does not have a token at the moment.
According to our current information the website of Maiar is online.
Yes, the user has access to the private keys when using Maiar.
No, Maiar does not have a Windows app at the moment.
No, Maiar does not have a Windows app at the moment.
No, Maiar does not have a MacOS app at the moment.
No, Maiar does not have a Linux app at the moment.
Yes, Maiar does have an Android app.
Yes, Maiar does have an iPhone (iOS) app.
No, Maiar is not available as a web wallet.
No, Maiar does not have a Chrome browser extension at the moment.
Yes, Maiar does have support for a credit- or debit card.
Yes, Maiar has a fiat gateway.
Yes, Maiar has a built-in coin converter.

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