Play-to-Earn Platforms Worth Your Time In 2023

Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are the latest trend in crypto, helping some digital asset enthusiasts make considerable passive income. With pay-to-play and free-to-play, the gaming sector has progressed and grown with the emergence of crypto games. Let’s dive in and find out what’s genuinely available in 2023.

What Is Play To Earn?

These particular games have native tokens supporting game economies. You can purchase, trade, create, and participate with these in-game coins. Nevertheless, some of the most prominent games require an initial outlay to kick off, whereas others can be enjoyed for free or played to acquire crypto earnings.

It should be noted that many of these games are in their early stages, especially if you compare the visuals with the highest-class PlayStation or Xbox titles. Consequently, if you are expecting a good-looking crypto game, you’re premature as of now. Looking at the potential earnings can be appealing enough to keep you gripped.

How To Find Reliable P2E Platforms

As a relatively new industry, there is some scheming to find ways to manipulate the space, so it is essential to gauge the authenticity of platforms before investing any funds. The first step is to assess tokenomics. What is the overall token supply, burn cycle, bonus for retaining or affixing coins, and further usability?

To keep users engaged, staking and storing must be compensated. However, we are still waiting for a definite formula to measure a game’s full potential. We would advise avoiding investing heavily straightaway and only dipping into funds; you can stand to lose.

Since crypto is one of the most volatile investments and you’re looking to deposit sufficient money, do a thorough investigation. Now that you will understand what’s important for P2E platforms, let’s look at four of the best operating as of today.


For over twelve months, a project that offers a unique perspective on GameFi NFT-based platforms has been progressing. PlanetIX concentrates on the plan to foster sustainability within a virtual world based on our earth. This is done by gathering land and territories recognized as PIX (NFTs) and obtaining the game’s money, called IX Token (IXT).

Planet IX contains 1.6 billion PIX, granting the project ample space to flourish and expand, which is especially good considering the rapid rate at which the game’s user base is growing. PIX is divided into separate classifications and ranks, depending on their location and size, some far rare than others.

Players can invest their accrued IXT to acquire PIX in the Planet IX marketplace. As gamers evolve and build up their estate, they will be welcomed with chances to cook up friendships and cooperate with other landlords in the Planet IX metaverse. The game’s creators anticipate that the relationship with the artificial world will rouse and assist in real-world financing projects directed toward conserving our planet.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox offers several different methods for creating income. You can make money from its metaverse cryptocurrency, SAND, by becoming an artist, game creator, or landowner. Those wishing to be creative with the platform’s VoxEdit tool can create useful items. However, you cannot just post NFTs to The Sandbox marketplace – you are obliged to apply for the company’s Creators Fund and submit a portfolio to increase your chances of selection.

Another method of earning money in the Sandbox is acquiring land for rental or developing experiences (e.g., games). The game design requires no coding knowledge to construct games. As metaverses are similar to games, this platform offers a great space for designers to flourish.

Generating income passively involves procuring land in the metaverse and then disposing of it when there is a viable market or leasing it out. The metaverse offers a unique space that may be the foundation for the future, so virtual land investments are quite appealing. Lastly, SAND is a token offering access staking and can be bought/sold at top-tier exchange platforms.


Decentraland is one of the leading metaverses with various opportunities for its users. You can lend your owned land or retrade if someone is interested in the plot. Another more attractive (and demanding) approach is to unveil functions or events and request compensation from the punters. MANA is the native token of the virtual world and can be used to enhance the quality of your events and properties. 

Another way to make money is to offer your professional services to a landowner, similar to what we do in this physical universe. Back in 2021, Decentral Games needed personnel for its Tominoya Casino. Individuals were paid $200 as trainees, $700 as part-timers (20 hours/week), and up to $1500 as full-time personnel (40 hours/week) working in the metaverse. A total of 20 part-timers and one managerial figure were hired as additional staff to operate the metaverse casino.

Moreover, you can develop wearables (NFTs) and mint them. The registration cost is $500 per article. Lastly, you can sell your wearables on the marketplace to make money. Decentraland is a digital space replicating real life with comparable employment prospects and earning opportunities.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a Virtual World where users own a spacecraft, purchase territory on a distant world, and discover the depths of the universe in their spacecraft. Futuristic Worlds, in most standard designs, are recreations. This is much the case on this platform, where users can buy and build territories they own. 

Star Atlas engineers are gradually rolling out this game. You can opt for factions, purchase realms and ships, compete and race in space, and scout out showrooms, among many other things, with more fascinating game mechanics like space missions and crafting planned for further down the game’s timeline.

This game is driven by the Solana blockchain, so you need SOL to settle transaction charges. Additionally, it uses USDC or ATLAS tokens to make purchases. Governing choices are taken by the Star Atlas DAO, which operates in much the same way as most other decentralized administrations. This works by staking POLIS tokens in return for the voting power to contribute to Star Atlas’s growth. In conclusion, Star Atlas is a highly ambitious P2E project with mouth-watering visuals and huge potential. 


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