Crypto in 2022: You’re not too late to be early

The world of crypto is relatively new. Consequently, it is constantly going through multiple transformations. Bitcoin hosting mining is one of the recent trends that have many people involved in it. Well, those who could benefit from it have already reached their goal. Now it’s time for other crypto projects to come out of the shadows.

Once you look at the crypto market, you will be surprised by the recent developments. Is it “too late” to invest in crypto in 2022? Let’s find it out!

2021 was the year of institutional interest and global adoption

The global adoption of crypto has started changing in 2021. The crypto market stopped being available to a small group of people. Instead, it became the subject of interest for low- and high-growth investments made by private and corporate parties.

Just look at Elon Musk whose role in the crypto market has grown over the past few years. In 2020, the richest man in the world announced the addition of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin to Tesla’s balance. This affected Bitcoin’s market capitalization which has reached $1 trillion within several months. As a result, bitcoin hosting mining services started appearing here and there to cover the market needs.

Well-reputed investment houses, such as Morgan Stanley Investment Management started using crypto for business purposes. This change was caused by the growing trust in cryptocurrencies.

By the end of 2021, the US regulators approved one of the futures-backed Bitcoin ETFs. This decision allowed business institutions to use crypto assets legally. A well-developed regulatory framework sets up the legal boundaries for such a change.

Is crypto a big opportunity or am I too late to the party?

The world of crypto is constantly growing. So there is never a lack of opportunities for potential investors. The statement saying that it’s too late to buy crypto is absolutely wrong. The crypto market has a lot to offer. Apart from Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrencies that might skyrocket in the nearest future.

How about altcoins? Many of them are about to shoot up in several years. They happen to be an excellent investment for a long period of time. For example, NEAR Protocol is a community-run cloud computing project whose prize jumped from $1.2 in October 2020 to $18 in January 2022.

The value of the entire crypto market is currently estimated at $2.2 trillion. This means that you have more than enough crypto projects to choose from.

How do I pick a winner?

The crypto market involves thousands of blockchain-based projects. This can be overwhelming for newcomers. Predicting which cryptocurrency will boom next is really hard. You need to do your own research to estimate the chances of this or that project. With Bitcoin hosting mining calculator, you can estimate the mining profitability of this or that crypto.

Professional bettors will tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket. Instead of focusing on one crypto, you should try your luck with two and more crypto projects. This automatically increases your chances of success. If one cryptocurrency will go bust, you may still make a profit with another one.

Considering the fast-changing trends in the crypto market, there is a chance that you won’t see today’s leaders on the top in a few years. Over the last decade, only three cryptocurrencies have managed to keep their position in the top 10: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Ethereum is the only one that has grown from 11.31% to 20.50%.

A smart investor should look for an investment product that helps grasp the changes and keep the investor well-diversified across the crypto world. Otherwise, it will be hard to address the changes dictated by the market.

What is the next big hit? Is it Solana, Mena, or Shiba? Is there a chance that Bitcoin will surprise us once again? No one knows. What you can do is join the crypto market by playing small. And don’t forget to do your research each time you make a purchase. After all, the volatility you get and the risk you take on by keeping every crypto asset put a huge responsibility on your shoulders.


Have you thought about buying Bitcoin or Ethereum? You are a little bit late. You won’t be able to earn big money there. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up on crypto though.

Pay attention to some altcoins with staying potential and high market caps. They will let you make a solid profit from a short- and long-term perspective. Just don’t rush into a totally new crypto project! Consider cryptocurrencies that have gained credibility in the market!

It’s never later to join the world of crypto. The main point is to buy the right asset!

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