Ethos Universal Wallet Ethos Universal Wallet


  • Singapore
  • Wallet type: Software
  • Utility coin: Ethos
  • User owns private keys: Yes
  • Payment card: No
  • Fiat gateway: Yes
  • Affiliate program: No
  • Coin converter: Yes
  • Old name: Bitquence

  • Windows: No
  • MacOS: No
  • Linux: No
  • Android: Yes
  • iOS: Yes
  • Webwallet: No
  • Chrome extension: No
This data can be outdated. Visit the official website for the latest information.
What is Ethos Universal Wallet?
The Ethos Universal Wallet is a mobile wallet to store all of your tokens, coins and digital assets safely and securely. It is also possible to track assets you have stored elsewhere , such as a hardware wallet or an exchange. In a nutshell you can store, track, learn, send and receive tokens and cryptocurrencies. The wallet supports an increasing number of blockchains.
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