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Litecoin Cash

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Blockchain: Litecoin Cash
Ticker: LCC
Type: Cryptocurrency
Litecoin Cash
Proof type: Hybrid PoW/Hive
Algorithm: Hybrid SHA-256/HIVE

Market Cap:

$1 443 220


Circ.*: 681 855 000
Total: 681 855 000
Max: 840 000 000


Litecoin Cash Price Chart

Litecoin Cash Price


What is Litecoin Cash?

Litecoin Cash was forked from Litecoin on 18 Feb 2018 at block 1371111, with a 10:1 Claim Ratio. For every 1 LTC held at the fork block, LTC holders could claim 10 LCC. If you held LTC at block 1371111 but haven’t claimed yet, your LCC are still waiting for you!

LCC’s target block time of 2.5 minutes gives 4 times the transaction bandwidth of Bitcoin, while transactions are 90% cheaper than Litecoin. HD wallets and native SegWit with bech32 addresses are fully supported.

A brand new method of mining has been added to Litecoin Cash – and after sensational support from miners for the user-activated soft fork, it’s operational RIGHT NOW on both testnet and mainnet.

The Hive, our agent-based mining system, requires no specialised hardware; anything from a Raspberry Pi to your normal desktop PC is fine. It’s centered around the concept of worker bees, which can be created by any LCC holder, who then becomes a beekeeper.

Once mature, worker bees have a finite lifespan during which they live inside the blockchain and help to secure it by minting blocks. Beekeepers will earn rewards whenever one of their bees mints a block.

Coin information:
Litecoin Cash with the ticker LCC is a decentralised cryptocurrency with a current market cap of $1 437 251.
The algorithm of the blockchain is ‘Hybrid SHA-256/HIVE’ and it has a ‘Hybrid PoW/Hive’ proof type.
It currently has a circulating supply of 681 854 976, a total supply of 681 854 976 and the max supply is 681 854 976 LCC.

Visit for more information about Litecoin Cash and which wallet to use to store LCC coins.
You can use the following explorers to track the balance on each address and all transactions: ,,

Price information:
The current price of Litecoin Cash (LCC) is $0.0021, which is a price change of -3.11% in the last 24 hours on a trading volume of $1 739.
On 8 Mar 2018 Litecoin Cash reached an all-time-high price of $0.50. This is a difference of around -100% relative to the current price.

You can buy around 48237.1712 LCC now for $100, which will be worth a total of $24336 at ATH.
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All prices are in USD. Last updated: 4 minutes ago.

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