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“ is the infrastructure arm of Persistence and has become one of the biggest validators in South Asia, running nodes across more than 20 leading networks such as Cosmos, Osmosis, Polygon, Solana, and many more.

Currently, has over $30M worth of assets under delegation, and is rapidly scaling up the team to add on more networks and build products for these networks and the community around them, in order to further accelerate the adoption of web3 and decentralised technology.

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“In a future where plenty of business happens on chain, Validators will take on the role of Auditors, verifying transactions in real-time, while secure blockchain infrastructure will be the backbone of the economy””

Frequently Asked Questions is based in: Worldwide (Decentralized). is categorized as the type: Private. falls under the category Staking. is still operational.
The legal name of is unknown.
The year that was founded is unknown.

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