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Coronet Blockchain is a blockchain based end-to-end digital supply chain platform: Our B2B2C eCommerce platform enables vetted suppliers to sell quality authenticated products to African wholesalers, retailers and end-consumers respectively. Saving them costs, ensuring quality and availing business systems to bring about sustainability throughout our supply chain networks.

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Founded in 2013, Trace Labs started with implementing traceability systems for food processing companies in Europe. To resolve issues of trust in supply chains we first introduced blockchain technology in 2016 and have since set out to develop universal data exchange solutions for increasing trust in supply chains. In 2017, we entered the Walmart Food Innovation Pipeline and were awarded the Walmart Innovation Spark Award.

To support scalability for supply chain use cases, we designed and launched Ethereum-based OriginTrail protocol in 2018. With global data standards logic built-in the system supports universal data exchange (interoperability), it connects rather than replaces legacy IT systems (interconnectivity) and ensures data immutability by utilizing the blockchain technology (integrity).

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About Supply Chain?
Blockchain technology is changing the way supply chains operate. Blockchain enables greater transparency, traceability, and accuracy for supply chain processes by removing the need for intermediaries and providing a secure, permanent and immutable record of transactions. It enables faster, safer, and more efficient operations, allowing companies to manage their inventory better, reduce costs and increase commerce. Blockchain is a powerful technology that can be used to improve supply chain performance and increase profitability.

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