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"How Lido works

Lido builds state of the art liquid staking protocols to grow the staking economy


Lido lets users stake their assets for daily staking rewards. User can stake any amount of tokens - no minimum.


When staking Lido you mint staked tokens which are pegged 1:1 to your initial stake. Your staked tokens can be used across the DeFi ecosystem to compound your yield.


Lido lets you use your staked assets to gain yield on top of yield. Use your tokens (which earn daily staking rewards) as collateral, for lending, yield farming and more.


Lido DAO is a community that builds liquid staking services and governs the direction of Lido. The number of DAO participants is growing daily with contributors working together to build the future of Lido."

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"Live a Rewarding Life

Our goal is to enable easy access to various rewarding crypto mechanisms for all. We want everyone to equally benefit from a changing financial landscape and speed up the global advent of crypto adoption."

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