"Founded in Silicon Valley in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, Andreessen Horowitz (known as "a16z") is a venture capital firm that backs bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology. We are stage agnostic: We invest in seed to venture to late-stage technology companies, across bio + healthcare, consumer, crypto, enterprise, fintech, games, and companies building toward American dynamism. a16z has $33.3B in assets under management across multiple funds.

a16z is defined by respect for the entrepreneur and the company building process; we know what it’s like to be in the founder’s shoes. The firm is led by general partners, many of whom are former founders/operators, CEOs, or CTOs of successful technology companies, and who have domain expertise ranging from biology to crypto to distributed systems to security to marketplaces to financial services. Our team is at the forefront of new technology, helping founders and their companies impact and change the world."

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"Not Your Traditional Investment Manager

The world is changing rapidly. While traditional investors seek safety in benchmarks and passive strategies, ARK believes this behavior is counterproductive. Innovation is causing disruption and the risks associated with the traditional world order are rising. We strive to invest at the pace of innovation."

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Arrington XRP Capital is a multi-strategy hedge fund specializing in early-stage venture and the public markets.

Arrington Algorand Growth Fund is an ecosystem fund investing and incubating projects in the Algorand ecosystem.

Arrington Moonbeam Growth Fund is an ecosystem fund investing and incubating projects in the Moonbeam ecosystem."

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"Ascensive Assets is a private investment firm

focusing solely on the digital asset industry."

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"Why Bloccelerate?

Our research-driven approach allows us to spot trends, identify market gaps, and develop a strong conviction around markets and companies we are investing in.

We are not afraid to “roll up the sleeves,” solve hard problems, and hustle together with our portfolio companies.

We partner with top tier universities to source developer talent for our portfolio companies."

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"Moving from a founder-led boutique to an enduring institution has been a multi-decade long journey at Bridgewater. A recent LEADERS Magazine article re-traces the arc of our company over the past 46 years, from its founding to the successful transition of leadership to the next generation. Hear from a broad group of leaders at the forefront of our past and present, as they recount the Bridgewater story."

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"We are building the cryptoeconomy – a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by crypto.

We started in 2012 with the radical idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to easily and securely send and receive Bitcoin. Today, we offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader cryptoeconomy."

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"Cointelligence Fund is an early stage venture capital crypto fund focused on blockchain based games. Our team has been trading digital assets since 2016, and we have enjoyed success in this market, which we’re now ready to share with you. Many of our team members also work in the blockchain industry in various roles, giving us unique insights into the workings of the market. We’re not just traders and investors; we are industry veterans who know what makes a digital asset succeed or fail."

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"ConsenSys is the leading Ethereum software company. We enable developers, enterprises, and people worldwide to build next-generation applications, launch modern financial infrastructure, and access the decentralized web. Our product suite, composed of Infura, Quorum, Truffle, Codefi, MetaMask, and Diligence, serves millions of users, supports billions of blockchain-based queries for our clients, and has handled billions of dollars in digital assets. Ethereum is the largest programmable blockchain in the world, leading in business adoption, developer community, and DeFi activity. On this trusted, open source foundation, we are building the digital economy of tomorrow."

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"Our Investment Thesis

At the core of every investment, we focus on three main fundamental pillars:

• Superior value proposition vs incumbent solution

• Visible product-market fit

• Clear token value accrual

Our focus and expertise in applying fundamental analysis to cryptoassets separates us from the rest. We adopt an active approach and partner with teams to bootstrap necessary network effects for them to scale. At the same time, we provide invaluable thought leadership and guidance on critical aspects such as token economics, governance scaling and community building. We believe investing is more than just a standalone transaction and we are in this for the long term with our founders."

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"Digital Finance Group (DFG), founded in 2015, has been dedicated in crypto assets and blockchain technology. DFG manages a wide range of investment products based on both primary and secondary markets of crypto assets, including hedge funds covering global cryptocurrency tradings and venture capital funds investing in equities of global blockchain companies. In addition, DFG is dedicated to constructing a blockchain ecosystem by building blockchain infrastructures and supporting the operations of excellent blockchain projects. DFG now manages projects including AToken (light wallet), BIKA (cryptocurrency market & info platform), Matrix (crypto asset exchange), Exchange Union and more."

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"Who We Are

GhostRider Ventures is an investment and advisory firm focused exclusively on blockchain-based digital assets.

Led by Ryan Tetrault (AKA @0xGhostRider), our firm invests in digital assets across various funding stages and provides white-glove advisory services to existing and early stage protocols."

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"About Jsquare

Jsquare is a global venture firm focused on facilitating blockchain mass adoption, especially NFT, GameFi and Metaverse sectors in the mid-long term. The team has deep expertise in the industry and close partnerships with top tier exchanges, launchpads, VCs, guilds and KOLs. We leverage our network to empower teams with big visions and commitment to building great blockchain products.

Currently we have assets under management of over $150M, with a solid portfolio of 50+ projects, industry-leading projects such as CoinList, 3iQ, Big Time, Efinity, Bit.Country, DeHorizon, StarSharks, among others."

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"A new opportunity for all stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem. The 1st community-centric blockchain incubator that empowers you to #beyourownVC.

Investors: Private (pre-seed) deals for Launchpool investor community, high risk - high reward. Be your own VC.

Advisors: Unique experience to join and co-build products with early-stage teams from Day 1.

Teams: Enjoy the journey from ideation/prototype to building your MVP (minimum viable product) and MVC (minimum viable community).

Dev Hubs & Universities: Join forces in bringing young talent to the most in-demand technology. Develop and nurture skills and collaboration, exposure to real world products."

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"We are Matterblock.

01 /


We invest in & support projects collectively building systems changing financial and societal norms. Our focus is the decentralized future and metaverse, with Web3 foundations at the core.

Our unique value lies in our hands-on experience, network & fundamentals. We have built successful businesses from the ground up and work with some of the industry's leading experts. We look for exceptional teams to match our fundamentals & build new ones with.

02 /


At Matterblock, our lens is finely honed - we’re focused on the elements that matter, the blocks upon which success in the industry is built: distribution & adoption, innovation, collaboration & mentorship, community, marketing and funding.

Why? Because our industry has peaks & troughs, gets frothy & watery but we believe the shift taking place requires strong foundations and fearless leaders.

03 /


There’s plenty of money being thrown around, but it takes more than money to build the future. To be a success in this ecosystem you need access to a Swiss Army Knife of tools, an understanding of the culture, network & exposure. We’re the rarest of investment partners - sharing this access with you. We have the battle-scars and the network needed to support high-quality projects in leaping to your next level and beyond."

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"Elrond Dubai Incubator

In October 2021, we announced the launch of our Elrond Dubai Incubator - an investment and support hub for projects looking to build their startups on the Elrond native chain. We have been early investors in Elrond ($EGLD) since the very beginning, and the incubator represents our efforts to keep pushing the Elrond ecosystem.

Since the announcement of the Elrond Dubai Incubator initiative, we received 100s of requests from projects to be onboarded onto the program. So far, we have accepted one project, namely Itheum, which also became the 2nd project on the Maiar Launchpad - the official launch platform of the Elrond team. In the coming months we will release more details on how projects can work with us and additional information on the various programs of support we offer."

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"Paradigm backs disruptive crypto/Web3 companies and protocols with as little as $1M and as much as $100M+.

Every once in a while, a new technology comes along that changes everything. The internet defined the past few decades of innovation. We believe crypto will define the next few decades.

Paradigm is an investment firm focused on supporting the great crypto/Web3 companies and protocols of tomorrow. Our approach is flexible, long term, multi-stage, and global. We often get involved at the earliest stages of formation and support our portfolio with additional capital over time.

We take a deeply hands-on approach to help projects reach their full potential, from the technical (mechanism design, smart contract security, engineering) to the operational (recruiting, regulatory strategy)."

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"Realistic Blockchain Investments

Investing in real-world solutions for an emerging ecosystem.

We believe that blockchain technology is ushering in a new era. It will shift the paradigm of trust for consumers and businesses allowing them to retain control of their personal data and it will rewrite how we share, store, and secure information. 

The blockchain industry will see significant growth in the next two years, and will reach an estimated $8 billion in market value by 2024. Pithia stands to be at the forefront with investments in companies that will lay the groundwork for this technical evolution."

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"Three Arrows Capital Ltd. is a hedge fund established in 2012 and focused on providing superior risk-adjusted returns, founded by Su Zhu and Kyle Davies."

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"Union Square Ventures is a

thesis-driven venture capital firm.

Since 2003, we have invested in over 100 companies that use the power of the internet to re-shape markets."

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About Incubator & VC?
Blockchain incubators and Venture Capital (VC) firms play an important role in the growth of the blockchain space. These early-stage investing firms provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to raise money for their blockchain projects and the strategies and resources to help them succeed. Venture Capital firms can tap into the blockchain industry’s potential and gain access to new opportunities.

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