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Virtuoso Security Ltd

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Virtuoso Security is a boutique Information and Cyber Security Consultancy offering flexible professional services to global clients. 

The consultancy was founded in 2013 by our highly experienced, certified and pragmatic director has helped 100s of businesses and organisations ranging from start-ups, government departments and agencies to globally recognised brands with their Information Security challenges.

We have worked with Global Investment Banks, Insurers, Regulators and Blockchain Start-Ups to name but a few sectors.

Whether you are taking your first steps in Information Security or are an established organisation needing specialist support we can certainly help.

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"An impact technology company helping to solve the world’s most pressing challenges."

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About Consultancy?
Blockchain consultancy companies advise businesses looking to unlock the potential of blockchain technology. Blockchain consultants are experienced professionals who provide legal and compliance advice and strategic guidance on utilising the technology in the best way. They offer various services, from helping companies set up their blockchain networks to advising them on the best ways to use blockchain technology to improve their operations. With the right blockchain consultant, businesses can take their operations to the next level.

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