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What is Chainode Tech?

“Why should you choose us?

Technical Expertise

We have deep roots in the blockchain space. Being actively involved since 2014, we understand at a profound level the architecture of different blockchain protocols. Successfully validating in both open source driven permissionless networks and permissioned networks built with protocols like R3 Corda for enterprise adoption.

 Infrastructure & Security

Infrastructure and security represent the backbone of our work as a network validator. We are constantly researching, evaluating and implementing the best infrastructures as well as protection mechanisms in order to provide an antifragil and secure option for our stakers. As an example we are using HSM modules for validator authentication.

 Availability & Reliability

The moment you delegate your stake, you will start receiving staking rewards based on the block production of our validator. We are using various methods to be constantly informed about the health status of our validators. In case one of our predefined ruleset for a specific validator will be broken, alerts will immediately make us aware of any issue for in-time reaction.


Transparent communication is one of the pillars of our project so our community can expect to have a clear insight into our work. Every permissionless network staker has a voice, reason why we are devoted to conduct frequent conversations with our community and reflect also their opinion in our network decisions.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Chainode Tech is based in: Switzerland.
Chainode Tech is categorized as the type: Private.
Chainode Tech falls under the category Staking.
Chainode Tech is still operational.
The legal name of Chainode Tech is unknown.
The year that Chainode Tech was founded is unknown.

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