Wallet Information

Type icon Wallet type: Software
Company icon Company: Xapo Bank Limited
User icon User owns private keys: Yes
Payment card icon Payment card: No
Fiat gateway icon Fiat gateway: Yes
Affiliate program icon Affiliate program: Yes
Coin converter icon Coin converter: Yes


Windows icon Windows: No
MacOS icon MacOS: No
Linux icon Linux: No
Android icon Android: Yes
iOS icon iOS: Yes
Webwallet icon Webwallet: Yes
Chrome extension icon Chrome extension: No


Online icon Online


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What is Xapo?

“A world that enjoys economic freedom and wealth protection, no matter where you live or who is running your country. This is the dream that drove Wences Casares to quietly transform the world of private banking.

Growing up in Argentina in the 1980s, Wences saw his family’s life savings wiped out three times by events beyond their control. This inability to control or protect their own finances left a lasting legacy. Years later, when Bitcoin came along, Wences saw an extraordinary opportunity to create a fairer, and totally secure system that would allow ambitious individuals to truly realise their potential.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Xapo is based in: Gibraltar.
Xapo is a software wallet.
The company name of Xapo is Xapo Bank Limited.
Xapo does not have a token at the moment.
According to our current information the website of Xapo is online.
Yes, the user has access to the private keys when using Xapo.
No, Xapo does not have a Windows app at the moment.
No, Xapo does not have a Windows app at the moment.
No, Xapo does not have a MacOS app at the moment.
No, Xapo does not have a Linux app at the moment.
Yes, Xapo does have an Android app.
Yes, Xapo does have an iPhone (iOS) app.
Yes, Xapo is available as a web wallet.
No, Xapo does not have a Chrome browser extension at the moment.
No, Xapo does not have support for a credit- or debit card.
Yes, Xapo has a fiat gateway.
Yes, Xapo has a built-in coin converter.

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