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Founded icon Founded: 2016

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What is Coinzilla?


Coinzilla is a platform developed by Sevio, a company that creates advertising technology solutions. The project was founded in November 2016 as an initiative to promote the continuously expanding crypto niche.

The primary objective of Coinzilla is to aid our partners in achieving the results and revenue they desire with the help of our tools.


Our platform helps advertisers promote their finance & cryptocurrency projects by displaying a variety of ads directly on our publishers’ websites.

One of our main goals regarding advertising is to provide high-quality leads. That is why we carefully select all the publishers that join our network.


Through our platform, website owners can generate an additional revenue stream by displaying our advertisers’ ads directly on their websites.

Our ads are designed to provide a non-intrusive user experience, and they are analyzed in detail to make sure they are relevant to your audience.


Since 2016, we have signed hundreds of partnerships with well-known publishers from the finance & cryptocurrency network. We aim to continue our journey toward working together with all the major websites in the industry.

Our company is continuously evolving, and we constantly work to develop new features and projects that will help our customers grow their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coinzilla is based in: Romania.
Coinzilla is categorized as the type: Private.
Coinzilla falls under the category Advertising & Marketing.
Coinzilla is still operational.
The legal name of Coinzilla is Sevio Solutions SRL.
Coinzilla was founded in the year 2016.

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Looking to advertise? Advertising on our platform is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business to the crypto world. We can offer advertorials, banners and featured listings. Contact us at for questions or request our media kit.


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