Best SEO Tips for Cryptocurrency Websites

Best SEO Tips for Cryptocurrency Websites

The crypto industry is actively developing, and a lot of investors understand the potential of this niche. To a certain extent, this tendency is useful for your business. On the other hand, however, it leads to an increase in competition. 

So, if you are running a crypto website, competent SEO promotion is a must for your business, regardless of the size and bottom line. You can entrust this task to professionals from the agency or try to implement some of the below recommendations on your own. Regardless of the chosen approach, it is worth knowing the steps that will positively influence the promotion of your website and therefore the success of your crypto business. Here are the recommendations we are going to dwell on in this post:

  • Content must be expert
  • You need to pay attention to the convenience of the pages and the speed of their loading.
  • When creating a website, you should put the Mobile First design in the first place.
  • There is no point in mindlessly accumulating link mass.
  • Google promotion tools are becoming more relevant.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Expert content

Gone are the days when it was enough to rewrite an article from several sources. User demands for content have increased significantly. Your site will not have much credibility, especially if your project is not well known.

People are looking for evidence of the expertise of the posted article, in particular, comments of authoritative experts on the article and links to sources. You should provide links to legislative acts, required standards, and studies. 

This is especially crucial for the crypto niche. The number of people who understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies and how they can make use of them is increasing. But, still, a lot of users need to learn more about this niche to be able to understand the industry and its benefits for them. And your website should become the source of useful and valuable information for these users. Later, if they decide to delve into this business, let’s say, buy some coins, your brand will be the first on their minds.

2. Pay attention to the convenience of pages

It is generally accepted that a positive user experience with a page on the site is affected by the speed of a full load of all content. However, the real scenario is determined by the speed of what the user, in principle, manages to view, i.e., the speed of loading of the first screen.

In 2021, Google introduced an updated list of signals that inform about page loading speed. It is still relevant in 2022:

  • LCP is the speed at which the main content is loaded.
  • FID is the amount of time before the content can be interacted with.
  • CLS is the end offset of the page layout.

All these metrics affect the quality of rankings. But still, you should not focus too much on these indicators. The quality of the content still remains of paramount importance if you want to see your site at the top of the search results. But if you want to achieve success faster, you should work hard on these indicators. Search Console now has a “Page Usability” report that will clearly show you where there are problems in this regard.

3. Mobile-first design should be put in the first place

People are using mobile phones actively, and mobile devices are actively replacing desktops and laptops. The share of traffic from mobile devices is growing every year. Now, when developing a site, you need to think over the structure and convenience of the mobile version. 

You should remember that quite often, people are looking for information suddenly. And in the majority of cases, they are googling from their smartphones. Therefore, make sure that by opening your website on their portable devices, they will find a convenient platform with readable fonts and conveniently positioned menus and buttons. All this plays a crucial role in the next step of every user – will they remain on your site to read the information they have been looking for or will they close it and go to a competing platform.

4. It makes no sense to mindlessly build up a link mass

You should no longer chase the number of links. Their quality is much more essential than their number. For an excessive build-up of the link mass, the site may fall under the filters (it is extremely difficult to remove the site from the filter, as practice shows).

Priority should be given to high-quality donor sites of suitable topics. So, if you are working in the crypto industry, it is crucial to select sites with relevant content. And, of course, pay attention to the quality of the content with the link to your website.

5. Promote additionally through Google services

The SERP is gradually captured by services from search engines and blocks with contextual advertising. Therefore, it is recommended to develop profiles in Google My Business for promotion. In profiles, you need to regularly update information about your organization, work with reviews, and monitor the relevance of information in the database.

In terms of feedback and comments, there is a lot of work that can be done. Reputation management is a separate direction in promotional campaigns. However, the main principle is that it is essential to read reviews and comments, react to them, and look for ways to assist your clients. Otherwise, you will not only lose those who have been dissatisfied but also those potential customers who will read the negative feedback about your company.

Final words

The main task of SEO specialists in 2022 is to make the site as useful and user-friendly as possible. Websites are nowadays built for the convenience of users, and their demands and expectations are increasing. The work of an SEO specialist involves much more tasks than the above five tips we have provided. So, if you want your crypto business to reach high positions fast enough, entrust this matter to professionals and focus on the ways how you can make your business better. After all, attracting a client is not the bottom line.

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