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What is sFOX?

“The sFOX story – Building the nexus of global liquidity

In 2014, sFOX’s founders observed immense fragmentation and complexities in crypto. Having built five trading platforms in the equities markets—including UNX and Nuveen Investments—they saw a need for a platform that integrated the crypto ecosystem via a single point of access, resolving inefficiencies and pooling liquidity from global sources.

The resulting platform is sFOX, the scalable solution for institutional crypto trading. Built entirely in-house with proprietary technology, sFOX’s seamless and secure infrastructure makes it easier for professionals to trade digital assets, realize price savings, and achieve efficiencies, ushering in a new era of possibilities in crypto.”

Frequently Asked Questions

sFOX is based in: United States of America.
sFOX is categorized as the type: Private.
sFOX falls under the category Market Making & Liquidity.
sFOX is still operational.
The legal name of sFOX is sFOX, Inc..
The year that sFOX was founded is unknown.

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