Daniel de Vries

Daniel de Vries is a digital entrepreneur and full-time blockchain enthusiast. In 2013, he made his first crypto investment. His interest in the blockchain continues to grow every day.
Wat is MACD Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
Technical Analysis

What is the MACD indicator?

Table of Contents What is MACD? MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence/Divergence and is an indicator traders use to see

What is a dip?
Technical Analysis

What is a DIP?

A dip is a rapid decrease in the value of a security (such as a stock, bitcoin, oil, etc.). Dips

What is Technical Analysis (TA)?
Technical Analysis

What is TA (Technical Analysis)?

Table of Contents Introduction TA is the abbreviation for Technical Analysis. Technical analysis focuses entirely on analyzing the price development

What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum?

The Ethereum blockchain went live on July 30th, 2015. Ethereum consists of one blockchain where both its own transactions (ether)

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first ever working cryptocurrency. Bitcoin consists of two ‘main parts’. On the one hand, you have the

What is blockchain?
Blockchain Explained

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a cryptocurrency system in which a record of transactions are maintained within an encrypted database across a linked